Welcome to Emudio!

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Introduction to Emudio, our plan, and what we can achieve together!

Welcome to Emudio!

Emudio is a bit more than just a fully operational social platform, we have also created and linked a video sharing platform, Emuvid, and a music platform, Emutone, that allows creatives to share their content across the three platforms, or to external platforms, with a single login.

We offer something the other social media platforms can not, and that is a place specifically designed and prepared to put the creative users first. 

Emudio is the main social media network

Emutone is the music platform

Emuvid is the video platform


The App is on the way!

We are currently working on the app that will be on the Play Store and iOS store soon.


Create Your Account

Making an account is easy, we do require a verified Email address.